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Projects are the door to the future to contribute in a relevant way to sustainable society development. The reason for working on a project basis is  not only to achieve our mission-vision-strategy objectives, but also to facilitate collaboration with other people and organizations to achieve common goals. These projects are now in the study phase and we are looking for professional, interested project leaders and employees who want to support our Flemish Club.  Sign in.

This is how we can reach you as a potential project member and collaborator(s) for your projects at your Flemish Club:

  • Website and social media: Make sure you present the projects clearly on your website and social media channels. State the mission, vision, strategy and objectives of the projects and how interested persons can apply to participate.

  • Newsletter: If you have a newsletter, use this channel to bring the projects to the attention of your members. Briefly describe the projects and how people can participate.

  • Events and Meetings: Organize events or meetings to meet potential project members and present the project directly. This can take place physically or virtually, depending on the circumstances.

  • Collaboration with other organizations: If your projects are intended to collaborate with other organizations, please contact these organizations and propose the project. They may be able to recommend interested employees.

  • Volunteer Platforms: Post your projects on volunteer platforms or online communities where people can sign up to participate in volunteer activities. Make sure the message is clear and explain how people can get involved.

  • Word of mouth: Encourage your current members to spread the word about the projects and invite their friends, family and colleagues to join.

  • Targeted Ads: Consider posting targeted ads on social media or other relevant platforms to reach people who may be interested in your Flemish Club's goals.


Do not forget that it is important to clearly communicate what we, as the board, expect with you as the potential project members and what you can expect from participating in the projects.

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