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Project plan: "Brussels The Heart of Brabant - Connection through Heritage"

Project name: Brussels The Heart of Brabant, Zwanen Verbond


The project "Brussels The Heart of Brabant" aims to strengthen the historical and cultural connections between different parts of the Brabant region. Through collaboration with the Zwanenbroeders/Pact de Ligne, the Brussels History Association (VBG) and other involved parties, we strive to find sister cities throughout Brabant, allowing the Council of Brabant to once again take its seat in Brussels. This will lead to better socio-cultural and economic cohesion in the old Duchy of Brabant.


  1. Identifying sister cities in North Brabant, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Antwerp, to restore the historical ties between these regions.

  2. Promoting cultural exchange and cooperation between cities and regions, with a focus on sharing folklore, intangible heritage and traditions.

  3. Mapping and promoting the rich history and culture of the Brabant region, including famous people, artists, musicians, inventions, and products.


  1. Research and Identification:

    • Collaborate with the Zwanenbroeders/Pact de Ligne and the Brussels History Association to identify potential sister cities.

    • Collecting historical information and connections between Brabant cities.

  2. Collaboration and Exchange:

    • Organizing cultural events, exhibitions and workshops to share knowledge and traditions between different cities.

    • Facilitating networking opportunities for representatives and residents of Brabant cities to exchange ideas and stimulate collaboration.

  3. Promotion and Awareness:

    • Developing educational material and multimedia to highlight the history, artists and inventions of Brabant.

    • Creating an interactive online platform to show the richness of Brabant culture and increase involvement.


  1. An identified network of sister cities in North Brabant, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Antwerp.

  2. Strengthened cultural ties and exchange between participating cities.

  3. Greater awareness of the importance of Brabant history and cultural heritage, both locally and internationally.

This project plan aims to unite the Brabant region through heritage and culture, and to promote cooperation between cities. It will not only contribute to the preservation of historical connections, but also provide a platform for the flourishing of cultural exchange and communal growth.

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