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People in Park

The Dutch-speaking/Brabant/Brussels Administrative Base (1) on which the European citizen has based his rights to date (2) and drives the engine of the regional socio-cultural economic dynamics (3). 

Since our founding in 1923, we guarantee,  against the Verbeulmansing I (4)through Popular Upliftment (5) and an infrastructure where people can come together in a friendly way and dedicate themselves to a culture in this beloved language (6)(7)(8).


The Flemish Club stands for socio-cultural and economic dynamics, and added value for the EU region Benelux. It is an association of like-minded people, anchored in Brabant hospitality, at home in the European capital of Brussels.


To propagate and strengthen Dutch-speaking culture in a measurable, inclusive and positive way. The Flemish Club is building a diverse community to create added value for society.


Since our foundation in 1923, the Flemish Club has guaranteed an infrastructure where people with a predilection for or curiosity about Dutch can come together. By entering into new partnerships and fully developing and using new digital resources, we are expanding this infrastructure. Getting to know each other, making friendships for life, and learning from each other, that's what it's all about.


An organization can only function coherently and be recognized by externals and internals only when the fundamental values have been made explicit. These are in line with national and international norms and values, built up from communities with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Extra-parliamentary The activities of the Flemish Club can never be regarded as an element in a party political game. The Flemish Club is neutral and independent in a party political sense.


The Flemish Club welcomes and recognizes a broad diversity in all its forms, such as cultures, philosophies of life and orientation. The Flemish Club understands pluralism as respecting the individuality/personal dignity and equality of every citizen. Anyone is welcome to publicly sign the rules set out here, thus guaranteeing that a safe environment (including Chattam House Rules) is created for academic discourse by representatives of all streams of society.


The Flemish Club wants to testify to an open mind, and to promote this attitude among its members by being open to new ideas, experiences, theories and people, by offering a forum to people, cultures and ideas that differ from ours and to question the obvious, without taboos, narrow dogmatism or bias.


The Flemish Club wants to share its knowledge and educate citizens in its core domains. If this is to be as efficient and effective as possible, there must be a permanent search for new data and information. Armed with the knowledge gained from this, we can make better decisions.

JUBILEE YEAR 1923-2023

After the 50, 60 and 75th Anniversary of the Flemish Club, which you can find here, the Flemish Club is the place for academics, entrepreneurs and decision makers to come together under Chattam House Rules, to find that place in the deafening storm of opinions. are true and are found among like-minded people.

In collaboration with organizations that have emerged in Brussels over the last 100 years, partly through the efforts of our VC, for a sustainable Cultural cradle.


Operation Papyrus provides the retrospective research that substantiates the DNA of the Flemish Club by examining the archives, and is the solid basis on which projects are realized in this anniversary year and work on the future.

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