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July 11, holiday of the Flemish Community

On July 11, Flanders celebrates the feast of the Flemish Community. On that day, the Flemish flag is displayed in various places in Flanders and the Flemish national anthem is sung.


Traditionally, the President of the Flemish Parliament gives a July 11 speech on the Flemish holiday in the Brussels City Hall. The Flemish Government will award the Decorations of honor of the Flemish Community out.

All information about the flag of the Flemish Community and the Flemish national anthem can be found in the circular regarding the flagging of public buildings and the performance of the Flemish national anthem. In the circular you will also find more information about the origin and meaning of these official symbols.

For more information about the official symbols and protocol guidelines of the Flemish government, you can send an e-mail to the Protocol and Reception department of the Flemish government.

Flanders Party!

During the last weekend of June, the starting signal is given for an eleven-day celebration on the occasion of the Flemish Holiday on July 11. After the opening weekend, the festive week continues from July 1 to 11. The slogan of this eleven-day campaign is Flanders Party!

Citizens, organizations and municipalities can from March 11, 2024 submit proposals for activities(opens in new window).

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