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Forum Benelux

Project plan:

Collaboration between VC-KWL and Forum Benelux for Meetings and Taking a Stand in Brussels

Objective: Facilitate meetings and discussions between the Virtual Council for Knowledge and Well-being (VC-KWL) and the Forum Benelux to use the Benelux Union project points as a basis for joint positions, recommendations and comments. The meetings will take place in Brussels and other relevant locations, with strict confidentiality maintained under Chattam House Rules.

Steps and Activities:


  • Identification of relevant project points from the Benelux Union plan for cooperation.

  • Appointment of representatives and experts of VC-KWL and the Benelux Forum to participate in the meetings.

Planning and Coordination:

  • Establish a timetable for meetings and discussions, taking into account participant availability.

  • Coordination of locations, facilities and logistics aspects for the meetings in Brussels and other relevant locations.

Meetings and Discussions:

  • Organization of meetings according to Chattam House Rules to ensure an open and confidential exchange of ideas.

  • Presentation of the selected project points and discussion on the implications, challenges and possible approaches.

  • Joint position, recommendations and comments based on expertise and insights of the participants.

Position and Recommendations: Formulation of a joint position, recommendations and comments on each of the following project points of the Benelux Union:

Digitalization and Transport:

  • Realization of a 'digital twin' of the Benelux road network.

  • Implementation of the digital consignment note in collaboration with the European Union.

  • Research into the application of a dynamic model of cross-border main corridors within the Benelux road infrastructure.

Digital Media and E-invoicing:

  • Exploration of cross-border media interpenetration and desired cross-border access to media.

  • Research into factors causing the low adoption of the electronic Peppol format.

Optimization of Mobility:

  • Improving public transport through digitalization through the MaaS Living Laboratory project.

  • Research into the operation of a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) ecosystem.

  • Promotion of safety of vital infrastructure at sea.

Promoting Biodiversity and Sustainable Development:

  • Update of hunting and nature conservation provisions.

  • Organization of conferences on nature and environmental education, sustainable development and nature education.

Drones, Electric Aviation and Healthcare:

  • Continuation of Benelux consultations on implementation of European drone regulations.

  • Research into cross-border use of drones in medical deliveries and passenger transport.

  • Exploration of electric flying in the Benelux region and the role of regional airports.

  • Cooperation in the field of digitalization in the health sector and exchange of health data.

Cooperation with North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW):

  • Strengthening cooperation in areas such as the environment, sustainability, mobility and economy.

  • Research into a joint approach to the semiconductor industry and green mobility.

  • Continue cooperation in the areas of security, crisis management and health.

Collaboration with the Grande Région:

  • Further strengthening cooperation on horizontal themes, including security, climate change, industry, mobility and cross-border workers.

Cooperation with France:

  • Exploring possibilities to enable cross-border transport with 44 tonne combinations to France.

  • Cooperation in the field of security, crisis management and crime control.

Documentation of the results of the discussions and the collected positions and recommendations.

Communication and Dissemination:

  • Drawing up a report with the joint position, recommendations and comments.

  • If agreed, share the report with relevant policy makers, agencies and other stakeholders.

  • Possible publication of summaries or highlights of the results, while respecting confidentiality.

Expected results:

  • Joint position, recommendations and comments of VC-KWL and the Benelux Forum on the project points of the Benelux Union.

  • Improved cooperation between VC-KWL and the Forum Benelux in the field of regional cooperation, sustainability, mobility, healthcare and other relevant issues.

  • Increasing awareness and involvement of civil society organizations in regional issues and policy making.


This project plan aims to provide a platform for constructive discussions and joint positions between VC-KWL and the Forum Benelux based on the project points of the Benelux Union. Through confidential meetings and open exchange of insights, we aim to strengthen the impact of regional cooperation and promote sustainable development in the Benelux region.

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