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VC Clubhouse De Raad van Brabant

This project plan aims to open a Dutch-language clubhouse on the iconic Grand Place in Brussels. The clubhouse will function as a meeting place for Dutch-speaking communities, expats, and those interested in Dutch culture. It offers a wide range of activities, events, and facilities that emphasize the rich language and traditions of the Netherlands and Flanders. Through cultural exchanges and social gatherings, the clubhouse will make a positive contribution to the integration of Dutch-speaking individuals and communities in Brussels.

Introduction: Brussels is a multicultural and multilingual city, where countless Dutch-speaking residents and expats feel at home. This project aims to create a cozy place where people with an affinity for Dutch come together and strengthen their cultural bond. By opening this clubhouse on the Grand Place, the heart of Brussels, it will be easily accessible to locals and tourists alike.


Create a social and cultural meeting point for Dutch speakers and those interested in Dutch culture in Brussels.

Promote cultural exchange and awareness through lectures, workshops, language classes, and events focused on Dutch culture and history.

Support Dutch-speaking communities and individuals in Brussels in their integration and social cohesion.

Partnering with local cultural organizations, schools and businesses to offer a wide range of activities.

Location: The clubhouse will be located in a strategic location on the Grand Place in Brussels, a central place easily accessible by public transport and attractive to both local residents and tourists.

Activities and facilities:

Language lessons: organize Dutch language lessons together with the House of Dutch for beginners to advanced students to improve Dutch language skills.

Cultural events: Lectures, movie nights, exhibitions and performances to present Dutch art, history and traditions.

Social Gatherings: Informal meetings, game nights, and social activities to create a convivial atmosphere where people can get to know each other.

Library and media corner: In collaboration with Muntpunt, a space with Dutch-language books, magazines, films and music.

Café and restaurant: A café serving Flemish dishes and drinks, with a focus on authentic flavors from the Netherlands and Flanders.

Marketing and promotion:

Online Presence: A professional website and active social media presence to promote the clubhouse and events.

Collaborations: Collaboration with other cultural organizations and Dutch-speaking communities to increase reach.

Flyers and posters: Distribution of flyers and posters in Brussels to announce the opening of the club house.

Funding: Funding for the project can be obtained from various sources, including:

Equity: Investment of the initiators and stakeholders.

Grants: Applications for grants from government agencies that support cultural integration and language preservation.

Sponsoring: Cooperation with companies interested in promoting Dutch culture.

Membership: Consider creating a membership program to engage and support regular visitors.

Timeline: The project plan will be divided into several phases, including preparation, renovation (if necessary), marketing and promotion, staff recruitment and eventual opening. A detailed timeline will be established to monitor progress and milestones.

Risk management: The project team will identify potential risks and create a plan to minimize those risks. Risks may include financial shortfalls, permit delays, or technical issues.

Evaluation: A systematic evaluation will be conducted to assess the goals of the clubhouse and gather feedback from visitors. Regular evaluations will help identify areas for improvement and measure the success of the project.

By drawing up and implementing this project plan, we aim to promote a vibrant Dutch-speaking community and contribute to a more inclusive Brussels. With the unique charm of the Grote Markt as a backdrop, the Dutch-language clubhouse will be a valuable addition to the cultural landscape of the city.

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