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French Flanders

Promotion of Dutch, Strengthening Dialects and Sustainable Development along the Scheldt-Seine Canal and Restoration of Railway Connections in Collaboration with VC-KWL and Forum Benelux


This comprehensive project aims to strengthen economic development, language promotion and cultural heritage along the Scheldt-Seine Canal, while at the same time promoting the restored railway links between the regions west of Lille. In close collaboration with VC-KWL and Forum Benelux, we strive for a holistic and sustainable development approach.


Phase 1: Opportunities Identification

  1. Economic and Logistical Benefits of Railways: Investigate the economic benefits of rehabilitating railway links between regions in relation to the Scheldt-Seine Canal.

  2. Strengthening Dialects: Understand how traditional West and French Flemish dialects can contribute to cultural heritage and social cohesion within development efforts.

Phase 2: Integration of Language, Culture and Economy

 3. Dutch Language and Dialect Workshops: Organize workshops that not only strengthen Dutch language skills, but also emphasize the West and French Flemish dialects as a valuable addition to cultural identity.

 4 Economic and Logistics Events: Create events that highlight economic opportunities and logistics options, paying attention to cultural diversity and dialects.

Phase 3: Promotion and Participation

  5. Promotion of Integrated Development: Conduct awareness campaigns that highlight the nexus between economic growth, language promotion and cultural heritage, and illustrate how this is enhanced by railway rehabilitation.

  6.  Community Engagement: Work closely with local communities to embed the meaning of railway rehabilitation and cultural heritage into their everyday lives.

Phase 4: Collaboration and Heritage Conservation

  7. Partnership with VC-KWL and Forum Benelux: Intensify collaboration with these partners to strengthen the holistic approach and ensure broader involvement.

  8. Sustainability and Heritage Conservation: Ensure the sustainability of the program by maintaining the focus on heritage conservation and ensuring that the restored railway links provide long-lasting economic and cultural benefits.


This project plan emphasizes the seamless integration of economic growth, language development and cultural heritage, as well as the rehabilitation of railway connections. In collaboration with VC-KWL and Forum Benelux, this plan strives for a versatile and resilient approach that strengthens regional development.

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