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International Academic Lectures

International Academic Lectures on the Grote Markt: Highlighting the Social, Economic and Cultural Heritage of the Benelux Union in Europe



The project aims to organize international, Dutch-language academic lectures on the Grote Markt. These lectures will highlight the social, economic and cultural values of the Benelux Union in Europe. By attracting academic speakers from different disciplines, we want to create a platform for sharing knowledge and insights about the Benelux region and its role in Europe.

Target audience:

The event is aimed at a broad audience, including:

  1. Students and academics from different disciplines.

  2. Business leaders and professionals with an interest in the Benelux market.

  3. Citizens with an interest in the cultural diversity and history of the Benelux countries.

  4. Policymakers and government officials involved in international cooperation within the Benelux region.


The project will be spread over a six-month period to allow sufficient time for planning, speaker invitations and promotion.


  1. Concept development:

    • Define the objectives and importance of the event.

    • Identify relevant themes for the lectures, such as trade, culture, sustainability and politics.

  2. Partnerships and financing:

    • Identify potential partners, such as universities, cultural organizations and the Benelux Union itself.

    • Look for financial support through subsidies, sponsorship and possible entrance fees.

  3. Speaker selection:

    • Invite renowned academics and experts from the Benelux region and Europe to speak.

    • Provide a diverse group of speakers to highlight different perspectives.

  4. Logistics and planning:

    • Choose suitable dates for the lectures, taking into account academic calendars and events in the city.

    • Reserve the location on the Grote Markt and provide the necessary technical facilities.

  5. Promotion and publicity:

    • Develop a marketing strategy to promote the event, both locally and internationally.

    • Use online and offline channels to draw attention to the lectures.

  6. Registration and participant management:

    • Set up an online registration system to manage participants and estimate the number of attendees.

    • Ensure smooth registration on the day of the lectures.

  7. Event execution:

    • Coordinate logistics on the day of the lectures, including speaker guidance and technical support.

    • Provide translation and subtitling for international participants.

  8. Evaluation and follow-up:

    • Collect feedback from participants, speakers and partners to evaluate the event.

    • Plan possible follow-up events to build on the success of this initiative.


  • Rent a location on the Grote Markt.

  • Speaker and expert fees.

  • Marketing and promotional materials.

  • Technical Support.

  • Any catering costs.

  • Other expenses for logistics and organization.


By organizing international, Dutch-language academic lectures on the Grote Markt, we want to provide a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and promoting understanding of the social, economic and cultural values of the Benelux Union in Europe. The project will contribute to strengthening ties between the Benelux countries and other European countries and may have positive effects on various sectors within the region.

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