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Hoffmanns Erzählungen (1923) Wien/Berlin/Brussels

Project plan:

Unique Screening of "Hoffmann's Erzählungen" in Brussels - July 2024


1 Introduction:

To conclude the 100th anniversary of the VC-KWL (Vereinigung der Cineasten und Kulturwissenschaftler Länder), a unique screening of the film "Hoffmann's Erzählungen" will be organized. This special screening will take place in the first week of July 2024 on Broekaere Square in Brussels. The event combines a 100-year-old film, a 100-year-old cinema and a German orchestra that plays the accompanying music for this Viennese silent film. This event is intended to attract guests from the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and other European countries, including the King of Belgium.


2. Event details:

  • Date: First week of July 2024

  • Location: Broekaere square, Brussels

  • Cinema: The special screening takes place in an art-deco cinema that is also 100 years old, creating a historic atmosphere that fits perfectly with the film and VC-KWL's anniversary.

3. Program:

  • Opening and Welcome: A ceremonial opening and welcome by representatives of VC-KWL and local authorities.

  • Screening of "Hoffmann's Erzählungen": The restored version of the film is shown, with live accompaniment from the German orchestra.

  • Orchestral performance: The German orchestra plays the accompanying music for the silent film, which enriches the viewing experience.

  • Special Guests: Invitation to dignitaries, ambassadors, and in particular to the King of Belgium.

  • Reception and Networking: A post-screening reception where guests can network and share experiences.

4. Invitations and Promotion:

  • Invitations are sent to guests from all DACH countries and other European countries, as well as prominent figures in the film and cultural industries.

  • Active promotion on social media, through press releases and collaboration with cultural organizations to reach a wide audience.

5. Logistics and Technical Implementation:

  • Collaboration with local authorities and security to ensure the smooth running of the event.

  • Collaboration with the cinema to ensure the correct projection and sound equipment for the film and orchestra.

6. Financing:

  • Fundraising through sponsors, grant applications and collaboration with cultural organizations.

  • Ticket sales for the event can also contribute to financing.

7. Media attention:

  • Collaboration with local and international media to generate attention for the unique character of the event and the special combination of historical elements.

8. Conclusion:

The unique screening of "Hoffmann's Erzählungen" in Brussels to conclude VC-KWL's 100th anniversary will be a memorable cultural event attracting guests from all over Europe. It unites film, music and history in a way rarely experienced, providing an opportunity for cultural exchange and festive celebration.

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