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50 years of the Flemish Club in Brussels 

By way of greeting,
When one opens this book one reads into the heart of the Flemish people.
They expressed their concerns, their struggles, their insights and their humor with an eloquence that betrays determination and self-confidence and that must certainly have spoken to the hearts and minds of the Flemish people in the capital.
At the Flemish Club for Arts, Sciences and Letters in Brussels, which in half a century has grown into a guarantee for the Flemish in the capital of this country and into a true dialogue center in the capital of Europe, the eminent speakers have an attentive audience found it. As Minister of Dutch Culture and Flemish Affairs, I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to both those who put forward these texts and to those at whose invitation this happened, and who have now also ensured that This collection has become a lasting and precious memory of 50 years of intense Flemish cultural life in Brussels.


Minister of Dutch Culture and
Flemish Affairs.

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